Every hour of every day someone is searching online for your type of business.

We all know that no one chooses businesses that land on pages two and up. Page one is where revenue is generated.
Google My Business is the dominant player in today’s digital age. There’s just no getting around it. Our job is to help them find you, even when they don’t know they’re looking for you.
A local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert will help you create a lasting and permanent online impression when they begin their search. Sometimes these searches are made late at night and are mostly research focused and sometimes they are emergencies made on mobile phones by the side of the road resulting in right-now business.
The more you invest and promote your services through SEO, social media and website design, the more profitable your business will be. This is true for any business, any industry.


2 Kilometres

Ranking your business website all the way up to page one in your local area will guarantee and increase traffic to your site resulting in increased phone calls, walk-ins and ultimately profit. Laser beam focus on the surrounding 2 KMs is just the start to ensure your business is the go to site in Google’s algorithm.

Packages include

  • We guarantee a top ten ranking for one keyword for one year.
  • We will professionally load Google’s Business Directory.
  • Monthly reports and telephone calls as required.
  • Optional website updates.
  • Professional Loading of Google Business Directory
  • Complimentary Google mini page updates.
  • Constant analytics passed on to you.
  • INITIAL SET UP $500.


Adding the Priority Plus guarantees your business will be in a Top 3 Position, on the front page, in your local area. Being in this position will increase your web exposure creating more traffic, with the potential for more sales and revenue.
• SET UP: $100 + HST
• MONTHLY: $49 + HST

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