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Feature - Auto Repair Shop Websites
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Powerful Features

designed specifically to bring more business to your automotive repair shop.

Mobile-Friendly Design

More people than ever are accessing information from the convenience of their mobile phones and tablets. Our mobile-friendly websites are designed to look great on a phone or tablet, ensuring that your customers can find you when they’re on the go – or stranded by a disabled vehicle.

Call Analytics

Our Call Analytics system provides the data to prove that our sites drive sales, not ‘hits’ or ‘visits’. You can also listen to calls coming from people who visit your website to evaluate service quality and sales techniques. Best of all, it’s easy to use!

Powerful Review Platform

Our review platform will help your repair shop increase online business while also protecting your reputation. We’ve designed this platform to maximize your online visibility by making it easy for your customers to post great reviews about your shop to the most commonly visited review sites.

Why Choose US


Our sites are optimized for great search results. When people search for local auto repair, you’ll be among the first they see.

Responsive Web Design

No matter the device they use – smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop – your customers will find an easy-to-navigate, great-looking website.


We’ve built more than 2,000 auto parts and repair sites, and can gather the information we need to build a personalized website in less time than it takes to change a tire!

Easy Setup Process

Setting up a website can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience, but with Repair Shop Websites at your side the process will be both quick and easy.

Free Updates

Whether you want to add new coupons, change shop information or highlight an event your shop sponsors, all updates to your site are included in the monthly cost.


No Contract

Our customers stay with us because they’re pleased with the results of their site and the great service we offer, not because they’re locked into a burdensome contract.

Personalized Web Address

We provide a personalized domain name where potential and existing customers can find you online ( or a domain name that utilizes your location.

Directional Map to Shop

Your site will feature a map and quick directions link to your shop, ensuring that customers can quickly locate and get directions to your shop.

Appointment and Quote Request Forms

The appointment and quote request forms on our sites bring you customers by making it easy for your customers to schedule an appointment or request a price quote.

Tire Selector

With our tire selector, your customers will be able to easily request a quote for tires based on the preferred brands you offer for their vehicle make and model.

Social Media Posting

Our Pro+Connect package includes Facebook posting, ensuring that your company has a presence on the most active community on the internet!

Integrated Reviews

Satisfied customers will be directed to spread the word on social media platforms. You’ll be alerted to any dissatisfied customers, allowing you to address complaints before their negative opinion spreads.

Get A Free Consultation & Estimate

Every person at Repair Shop Websites is invested in getting great results for our customers. Here are just a few notes we’ve received from happy customers.