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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work with my exiting website?

Send us your website url and we will review the website. From there we can give you an honest answer if it is workable or if a new website would be less costly and more advantageous for your requirements.

How much is a website?

The cost is reflective on what what you want to achieve with the website. Some companies need a website on their business card and other want to have  the website attract  internet traffic. We will create a package to fit your needs

How do I make money with my website?

The internet opens a whole market to find you. Today it is very important to have a responsive website so when people are near your location and their car breaks down your website will show up with a phone numner for them to click and book an appointment with your shop.

Can I get my own company email with a website?

Yes! We can set up your email with your website name  eg   The email can be stored on our servers or in gmail or Microsoft 365.

can i see how many visitors go to my website?

Yes this is a feature we offer. With our monthly reports (live or in PDF) you can view which pages had the most views.

How long does it take to make a website?

This depends upon the complexity of the website design and how much customization is involved. We usual range from 1 week to 4 weeks.

We are a one-stop shop!

We are passioante about creating effective websites that make the phone ring for our clients.

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